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Our Frenchies


Blondie is the latest addition to our Frenchie gang, she is grand daughter of Super Ted & is a lovely chunky, very well put together little girl whilst still having a nice length of snout open nares. We are very excited to see what she adds to our Atikan  Frenchie Programme.



Another of our homebred French Bulldogs - Remi. 3rd Generation Atikan! Granddaughter of Ivy, daughter of Malva. She is a stunning lilac and tan and has exceeded all our expectations so far. We are very excited to getting her health tested when she is a year old and hopefully in a few years carrying on our healthy Atikan lines through her.


Our stunning homebred girl! Daughter of Ivy. I’m so extremely proud of her; she has it all – looks, nature and health! She is a beautiful lilac colour, with the perfect moderate more athletic shape we aimed for with a  very small tail that she can wag, weighing 11.5kg, silver level FBCE tested & RFG graded – 0. I’m very excited to see my Atikan lines continue through her.



Our little cream dream, just 10kg & the sweetest little girl there is! Perrie is also FBCE tested to silver level, super fit and active. Passes her health and her loving, sweet nature onto her puppies. She recently went viral on tiktok and even had newspaper articles written about her due to what an amazing mum she is!

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